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Read the story behind the song Poker Face by Lady Gaga. Join the conversation and submit yourDuring a birthday concert at Palm Springs Convention Center, Gaga talked about the meaningGaga went on explaining more about ‘Poker face’ to Fashionista101, she explained that the song is about... What do you think of wearing sunglasses at the table? Serious poker players who wear glasses don't wear them as a fashion statement (if they do, they need to stop, immediately). They wear them to keepI like wearing them, I mean what ever makes you feel most comfortable with your poker face. Shy people wear a lot of different things on their faces to... What do you mean by poker face?

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What does the idiom wore a poker face mean What does the song poker face by Lady Gaga mean? actually she was saying about her bisexuality it says on wikipedia The meaning of the song is the guy can't tell what shes feeling about him because she can mask her feelings well. "Can't read my pokerface" actually it's about pokerfacing with your...

Our game face, or our poker face, is the face we put on for the outside world that masks what is happening for us internally. We develop it over time, some better than others, some better at certain situations than others.

The Changing Face of Feminism | Philosophy Talk What we mean is that, too often, if a man and a woman with the same education, training and experience are doing the same job, the man's pay is higher. How this founder funded his startup by making millions through “When a poor college students who cracks an online poker game goes bust, he arranges a face-to-face with the man he thinks created him, a sly offshore entrepreneur.” Guess WHO'S Lying! (Worms, Slime) | Poker Face Ep. #5

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