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Making a living playing online - Online Poker - CardsChat™ To play online poker for a living would be a very uneventful life. I remember seeing one online poker player who made it to one of the live tournaments. This guy had deep and black bags under his Playing Online Poker For a Living - Playing Online Poker for a Living. The decision to play online poker for a living can seem like it's full of freedom, the ability to determine your own hours and the opportunity to make a lot of money playing a game you love.. If you have your ducks in a row, then it can be all of that. However, it requires a lot of work, preparation, dedication and self-discipline to make it work.

Playing poker for a living and expenses. Many people, especially those not too experienced with poker in general, usually see live tournaments as the way to go. After all, some of these events award huge seven-figure sums, so if one was to become rich playing poker, that would be the way to go, right?

I played online Poker nearly every day from the age of 15 to 18. When I started, I had several years of competitive Magic: the Gathering under my belt, so I understood the systematic process of learning a card game. For a brief period, I played bo... Playing Online Poker For A Living – Top Casino Games Playing online poker for a living is absolutely doable, but it takes a combination of talent, dedication, patience, discipline and disposition to succeed. You must study and constantly work on the weak parts of your game. Reading a book like "Texas Holdem for Advanced Players" once, will not be good enough.

I'll play live poker in a casino which is located 30-45min shuttle ride. Shuttle is free, plus I'll be bringing my own meals so the overhead cost is almostHalf the players that play live seem to be weak. Other half seem to have some fundamental knowledge about poker. Field is very different in online poker.

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Playing Poker For Living – Is This a Realistic Goal? | My News We have actually all heard of the expert poker players that make millions of bucks a year playing the video game. Even more and even more individuals are making Online grinders: Marc "Guma" Rivera about playing poker for Marc "Guma" Rivera is an accomplished online pro playing under "gumasta" name on Pokerstars. He won a PLO8 Scoop event in 2013. 1. When did you start playing Poker? Poker and other card games were familiar to me from childhood, and I had an …